10G/hr Quartz Tube Ozone Generator Air Purifier

10G/hr Quartz Tube Ozone Generator Air Purifier

Model No.︰CT-MQ10G

Brand Name︰Ozonefac

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

10G/hr Quartz Tube Ozone Generator Air Purifier


1, High precision quartz tube, high temperature resistant, high ozone concentration and stable ozone output.

2, Mini gap for corona discharge tube, high effective ozone production and low noise.

3. High voltage high frequency corona discharge, low power consumption, 8~10KW.h/kgO3.

4. Using SS316L electrode, Teflon gas connector, non-corrosive high purity Kynar seal ring, long service life.

5. Compact design but with aluminum radiator, effective for heat dissipation, low ozone decay for continuous working.

1x Quartz Ozone Tube

1x Power Supply (170*90*70MM)


1. Remove a myriad of odors from smoke, pets, animals, cooking, mold, mildew, etc.

2. Keep air fresher and cleaner for hotel, motel rooms, vehicles, etc.

3. Keep insects & vermin out, retard mold growth, used in basement, attic, boat, ect.

4. Kill molds, viruses, bacteria effectively; create a healthier environment in air or water.

5. Ozone water for fruits & vegetables, sterilization and keep it fresh for longer time.

6. Water purification and disinfection, spa, swimming pool, aquarium, tap water, well water, etc.

7. Sterilize and disinfect for daily supplies, such as clothes, pillow towel, tool etc.

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